Accepted Papers

We are pleased to provide the stream, title and corresponding author information for all approved papers that have been accepted by the GeoMontreal 2013 Technical Committee. The detailed technical program will be posted at as it becomes available – likely in mid-August.

Brownfields and Redevelopment
Cold Regions Geotechnology
Design of Clay Liners
Design of Earth Dams
Engineering Geology
Foundation Engineering
Geo environmental
Geoenvironmental Sustainability
Harbour and Shoreline Geotechnics
Landslides/ Slope Stability / Slope Engineering
Marine Geotechnics
Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
Mine Site Remediation
Mining Geotechnics
Non-textbook Soils / Waste Soils
Other Geotechnical
Reliability-Based and Limit State Design
Retaining Walls
Revitalization of Aging Infrastructures
Risk Assessment
Soil and Rock Mechanics
Soil Stabilization
Transportation Geotechnique

Case Histories or Failures
Confinement in Solid Waste Landfills and Mining Operations
Conveyance and Storage
Dams and Levees
Drainage and Soil Filtration
Environmental Engineering
Geosynthetics in Mining Processes
Temporary Roads
Wall Reinforcement
Water Conservation

Contaminated Sites and Remediation Technology
General Hydrogeology
Groundwater and Geotechnics
Groundwater Issues Associated with Mineral and Gas Mining
Groundwater Management
Groundwater Quality
Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions and Ecohydrology
Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater Resources
Isotopic Tracing and Age-dating in Groundwater
Regional Aquifer Characterization

Geotechnical top
Brownfields and Redevelopment top
Cold Regions Geotechnology top
Advanced analysis of pipe/soil interaction accounting for strain localization
Kenton Patrick Pike
Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland
Effects of post-freeze/thaw age hardening on the water stability of natural soil aggregates
Daryl Dagesse
Brock University - Geography Department
Évolution du pergélisol dans une digue en terre de la région du Nord-du-Québec
Marc Lebeau
Laval University
Four-Year Performance of an Instrumented Highway Embankment on Degrading Permafrost
Marolo Alfaro
University of Manitoba
Heat and mass transfer properties of compacted snow
Olivier Lachance
Université Laval
Modelling Ice Rubble - Rock Berm Interaction
Ryan Phillips
Numerical assessment of potential thermal degradation of permafrost in Northern Canada due to open pit mining and tailings impoundment
Ahmad Booshehrian
Temperature Monitoring and Strength Testing during Construction of a Cement Bentonite Slurry Cut-off Wall
Joanna Lea
Klohn Crippen Berger
Simulation of shallow geothermal heat exchanger using coupled unsaturated flow / temperature modelling for varied soil profiles
Paul Simms
Carleton University
Design of Clay Liners top
Effect of daily thermal cycles on hydraulic performance of compacted clay liners.
abdulghader hassan abdulrahman
Carleton University
Design of Earth Dams top
Behavior of LG4 dam during construction and impoundment
Mehdi Qoreishi
Laval University
Centrifuge testing of a rockfill dam with a thin central core
Ibrahim Soud
Cyclic behavior of high quality glacial till samples
Nicolas Jamin
Université Laval
A large oedometer cell to study assemblages of rock particles
Jean-Marie Konrad
Université Laval
Dynamic analysis of an embankment dam subjected to the El Centro earthquake
Ali Ghandeharioon
Laval University
A comparative study on the hydraulic conductivity of Sartigan's dam till
Pierre-Alain Konrad
Influence of heterogeneity on the hydro-thermal response of an embankment dam
Tongchun Qin
Laval University
Numerical Analysis of the Seismic Response of an Asphalt Core Rockfill Dam to Large Magnitude North American Earthquakes
Michael James
Ecole Polytechnique
Comparative response of an embankment dam during the application of different seismic signatures
Ali Ghandeharioon
Laval University
SANICLAY-B: a plasticity model for cyclic response of clays
Mahdi Taiebat
University of British Columbia
Cyclic behaviour of an unsaturated compacted cohesionless till
Vincent Castonguay
Université Laval
Testing of Cyclone Sand Tailings at High Stresses
Matthias Busslinger
Caractérisation d’assemblages de pierre avec la presse à cisaillement giratoire
Luc Boisvert
Département de génie civil et génie des eaux, Université Laval
Engineering Geology top
alex mabrich
Bentley Systems
Archives in Geotechnical Engineering Practice
Michael Shelbourn
Barrick Gold Corporation
Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Geochemical Model for the Assessment of Groundwater Quality Impacts Resulting from Geological Sequestration of CO2
Mamadou Fall
Description des caractéristiques géologiques et géophysiques des sols de Kenscoff-Mahotière
Berthoumieux Junior JEAN
Université d'Etat d'Hati - Laboratoire National du Batiment et des Travaux Publics
Effect of Different Types of Pollutant on the Behavior of Swelling Soils
Adel Hashem hammam
Building and Housing National Research Center
Etude de stabilité des blocs en porte-à-faux dans les mines souterraines : Cas de la mine d’AKKA (Anti Atlas, Maroc)
Evaluation of ground surface settlement due to excavation of NATM tunnel in soft soil and case study NIAYESH urban tunnel
sepehr jamshidi
Examining the tensile strength and strain of clay soil using Indirect Diametrical Tensile tests and Digital Image Correlation
Benjamin Michael Shannon
Monash University
May 6 WSG Upload Test
Wayne Gibson
Gibson Group Management Inc.
Impacts of limited spacing and persistence data on DFN modelling of rockmasses
Cortney Palleske
Investigation into the Influence of Parallel Excavation of Twin Bored Tunnels within Weak Rock Masses
Nicholas Vlachopoulos
Royal Military College of Canada
Long term behaviour in tunnelling: limitations in using creep parameters
Chrysothemis Paraskevopoulou
Queen's University
Cone and Ball Penetration Tests in Ottawa's Sensitive Marine Clay
Athir Nader
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Daniel Louwe
The design and construction of the Courbe-du-Sault hydroelectric project, Sheldrake River, Québec, Canada
Andre Rancourt
AJR Geoconsulting inc.
The Mont-Royal Tunnel – tribute to the builders and future challenges
Andre Rancourt
AJR Geoconsulting inc.
The Reduction of Surface Settlement by Employing Umbrella Arch Systems
Jeffrey Oke
Tunnelling in Montréal’s limestones: a geotechnical characterization.
Véronique Boivin
Foundation Engineering top
A Full Scale Footing Load Test on Tropical Residual Soil
Somasundaram Sriskandakumar
BGC Engineering Inc.
A modified Pile Load Test Based on Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of Bored Pile in Clayey Soil
Axial capacity of drilled shafts in oil sands
Hoyoung Seo
Bearing capacity of strip footing near slopes using upper bound limit analysis
Mojtaba Aslmand
Civil Engineering Department, University College of Engineering, University of Tehran
Displacement and effective stresses changes underneath strip footing on stiff ground with single and double voids
Reem Sabouni
The Applications and Benefits of Dynamic Testing on Piled Foundations for Uplift Designs
David Alexander Lee
CAP Management Services Ltd.
Comparison of Cast-In-Place Concrete Piles and Continuous Flight Auger Piles Founded In Oil Sand
Renato Clementino
Thurber Engineering Ltd.
Contact Pressure and Stress Distribution in Piled Raft Foundation Subjected to Vertical Loading
Ahmed M Alnuaim
Western University
Design and Construction of Foundations for the Saint Lawrence River Bridge, A30 Montréal
Andrew Gregory Cushing
Design, construction and performance of large diameter bored piles in coral
Rasin Duzceer
Kasktas As
Effects of soil-pile-structure interaction on the performance of pile group: centrifuge model tests
Mahmoud Nasser Hussien
Sherbrooke University
Effects of stress history of sand on the shaft resistance of large displacement piles
Fabrizio Di Camillo
Concordia University
Effects of installation disturbance on behavior of multi-helix anchors in sands
Faraz Bagheri
University of Western Ontario
Euler-Bernoulli Beam on Two-Parameter Foundation Subjected to Moving Load
Dipanjan Basu
Evaluation of strength and pre-consolidation pressure of clay deposits in Northern Alberta
Michael Etezad
Golder Associates Ltd.
Experimental Investigation of soil confinement impact on RC-pile nonlinearity
Ahmed Mohammed Youssef Mohammed
The University of Tokyo
Ground improvement and reinforcement in seismic zones by vibrocompaction and stone columns
Claire Mollereau
geopac inc.
Compressive bearing capacity of hollow FRP piles in clay
Juan D Girald Velez
Carleton University
Innovative Seismic Resistant Helical Screw Piles (FRP-G-HSP - Fiber Reinforced Polymer Grouted and RG-HSP Reinforced Steel Fibers Grouted Novel System
Yasser Abdelghany
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (Government of British Columbia)
Investigation of a “loud bang” during caisson installation in a till deposit and/or shale bedrock with high concentrations of methane
Hafiz Ahmad
Coffey Geotechnics Inc. (Coffey)
Laboratory Measurement of the Load Reduction on Buried Structures overlain by EPS Geofoam
Mahmoud M. Raafat Ahmed
McGill University
Matching modulus of subgrade reaction and elastic modulus for equal foundation settlement
Prapote - Boonsinsuk
AMEC Environment and Infrastructure
Performance of Deep Foundation in Sabkha Soil
Ahmed M Alnuaim
Western University
Predicted performance of fibre reinforced concrete slabs on grade with subgrade reinforced with geogrids
Hany El Naggar
University of New Brunswick
Shear modulus reduction and damping ratio of sand and gravel at small stresses
Abouzar Sadrekarimi
Western University
Soil-Geogrid Interaction Analysis Using A Coupled Finite-Discrete Element Method
Viet Duc Hoang Tran
McGill University
Hany El Naggar
University of New Brunswick
Steel Sheet Piling - A sutainable answer
Andrew Verity
Gerdau Long Steel
Assistance for the calculation of settlement
Suzanne Marie Lacasse
Behaviour of TDA Backfilled Integral Abutments
Hany El Naggar
University of New Brunswick
Three dimensionnel modeling of a pile group under lateral loading using finite differences method
Lassaad Hazzar
Université de Sherbrooke
Three dimensional numerical simulation to predict performance of laterally loaded piles on clay-sand layered slope
Behzad Fatahi
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Temporary Differential Consolidation Compression in Uniform Clay Beds Due to Variation in Horizontal Drainage Pattern
Hadi Omran Zaglut Tumi
University of Tripoli
Torque Capacity Correlations for Helical Piles in Cohesionless Soils
Mohammed Sakr
Using GIS to Track Dam Barrier Wall Construction
Jamey Rosen
Geosyntec Consultants
Use of polymer Geogrid reinforcement in the foundations of ground supported tanks for control of differential settlement
Sam Bhat
Titan Environmental Containment Ltd
Geo environmental top
CO2 consumption test for the quantification of the mineral carbonation potential of mine waste rock
Akué Sylvette Awoh
Complex permittivity of Lead Contaminated Soil
samer al martini
Abu Dhabi University
Consolidation and Hydraulic Conductivity of Oil Sands Mature Fine Tailings Dewatered by using Super Absorbent Polymer
Aida Farkish
Coupled thermal hydraulic and mechanical (THM) evolution of compost materials in column
Tariq Bajwa
Carleton University
Methodological development for the estimation of bentonite content in rock-bentonite blends
olivier peyronnard
Effect of the Resuspension of Contaminated Sediment on Distribution of the Heavy Metals in Water and Suspended Particulate Matter
Mehdi Pourabadehei
Concordia University
Evaluating the use of biosurfactants in the Removal of arsenic from mine tailings
Fereshteh Arab
Concordia University
Evaluating the use of biosurfactants in the Removal of arsenic from mine tailings
Fereshteh Arab
Concordia University
Experimental studies on coupled mechanical and chemobiological (MC-B) processes in compost biocover
Afshin Khoshand
Non-uniform distribution of biogas under a biocover due to capillary barrier effect: case studies
Alexandre Cabral
Université de Sherbrooke
Numerical Simulation of Single Point Indentation Test
Ali Sabir
EBA Consulting Engineers and Scientists
Occurrence and mobilization of uranium in groundwater in Nova Scotia
John Drage
The residual-state condition and the permeability function
Nader Ebrahimi-Birang
SNC-Lavalin Environment
Geoenvironmental Sustainability top
Attenuation of ground vibrations due to vibratory pile driving using EPS geofoam wave barriers
Sanka Ekanayake
University of Western Sydney
Forecasting Water Demand in a Coal Mine Area Based on the Grey Model GM(1,1)
Yadong JI
Generating Meaningful and Easy-To-Interpret Sustainability Data to Support Decision Making: A Method and A Case Study
Matt Vanderkooy
Investigation of Natural Fibres Reinforced Cemented Paste Backfill (NFR-CPB)
Babak Koohestani
Investigation of Traction and Deicing Properties of Used Coffee Grounds
Adam F Sevi
Norwich University
A Brief Overview of Sustainability and its Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering
Dipanjan Basu
Geohazards top
Jacques Locat
Université Laval
A hypothetical geomechanics model for the assessment of potential environmental impact of shale gas fracking – Part II: implication for induced seismi
Baolin Wang
Natural Resources Canada
A critical appraisal of some rd relationships for liquefaction analyses in Eastern Canada with the simplified procedure
Didier Perret
Geological Survey of Canada
Application des outils RockyFor3D et Rockfall Analyst à une analyse préliminaire de chutes de blocs dans Charlevoix, Québec
Jacques Locat
Université Laval
Behaviour of walls and frames on expansive soils
Muawia Dafalla
Effect of underground cavities on surface waves: 3D – Numerical modeling
Hassan Ali
University of Waterloo
Geotechnical behaviour and properties of selected soils from a semi-arid zone
Muawia Dafalla
Le logiciel Flow-R comme outil d’analyse du danger coulées de débris le long de la façade maritime de Charlevoix, Québec.
Jacques Locat
Université Laval
Low strain measurement of shear modulus with resonant column and bender element tests – Frequency effects
Hassan Ali
University of Waterloo
Carte morphostructurale et mouvements de terrain le long de la façade maritime de Charlevoix : intégration des levés LiDAR, interférométriques et mult
Jacques Locat
Université Laval
Finite Element Modelling of Nonlinear Seismic Site Response in Soft Clay
Hooman Torabi
Carleton University
ONR 24810 - A Comprehensive Guideline for Rockfall Protection Works: Its Application to Catchment Fences
Gernot Stelzer
Trumer Schutzbauten GmbH
Statistical analysis of rainfall-triggered landslides in Chittagong, Bangladesh
Shahid Azam
University of Regina
The 2007 Chehalis Lake landslide, British Columbia: A landslide-generated surge wave (tsunami) with implications for dam safety
Martin Stephen Lawrence
BC Hydro
Harbour and Shoreline Geotechnics top
Coastal erosion and erosion protection using geosynthetics in the Arctic, field studies in Svalbard
Magne Wold
SINTEF Building and Infrastructure
Instrumentation top
Thermal loading applied on an interface testing apparatus
Julio Ángel Infante Sedano
University of Ottawa
Prototype Testing of a Poroelastic Suction Sensor
Paul Simms
Carleton University
Application of Geotechnical Instrumentation in Monitoring In-Pit Dykes Performance
Kyaw Win Soe Moe
BGC Engineering Inc.
Ground-penetrating radar instruments for high-resolution 3D imaging of the shallow subsurface
Alexandre Novo
IDS North America
Laboratory Study on the Performance of In-place Inclinometer
Jitendrapal Sharma
University of Saskatchewan
Rockfill size evaluation using digital image analysis
Judith Bouchard
Measuring down-hole shear waves from a vibrating perpetual source during Cone Penetration Testing
Using temperature as a tracer for analyzing the response of a capillary barrier in waste rock
Stefan Broda
Polytechnique Montreal
Landslides/ Slope Stability / Slope Engineering top
A method for quantifying the probability of the depth of a landslide failure surface and of quaternary valley infilling
MichelJaboyedoff Jaboyedoff
A new design approach to design pin drapery systems
alberto grimod
Maccaferri Canada Ltd
Using random discrete fractures for representing preferential flow in waste rock piles with compacted layers
Stefan Broda
Polytechnique Montreal
A Novel Framework for the Assessment of Low Factor of Safety Slopes in the Highly Plastic Clay Shales of the Canadian Prairies
Jitendrapal Sharma
University of Saskatchewan
An investigation of the slope stability of unsaturated waste rock piles
maryam maknoon
Ecole polytechnique montreal
Design of the Flexible Strucutral Facing in Soil Nailing
alberto grimod
Maccaferri Canada Ltd
Development of a centrifuge tilt-table device to investigate instability phenomenon under simulated infinite slope conditions
Eric Wolinsky
Geo Engineering Centre, Queen's University
Failure behaviour of bedrock and overburden landslides of the Peace River Valley near Fort St. John, British Columbia
Kristen Van Esch
BGC Engineering Inc.
Failure of Two Sensitive Clay Slopes Observed at Mud Creek, Ottawa
Joshua James Potvin
Queen's University
Influence de la succion dans le sol sur la stabilité des talus : glissement de Kenscoff-Mahotière (Haiti)
Berthoumieux Junior JEAN
Université d'Etat d'Hati - Laboratoire National du Batiment et des Travaux Publics
Kehiwin Lake Landslides, Hwy 41:23 Near Elk Point, Alberta: Historical Development and Remedial Measures
Tarek Said Abdelaziz
Thurber Engineering Ltd.
Investigation géotechnique de l'étalement de 1986 à Saint-Luc-de-Vincennes, Québec
Ariane Locat
Université Laval
Observed transition from slide to flow in physical model landslide tests
Ryely A Beddoe
Queen's University
Rock Slope Stability with Permanent Anchors
Rasin Duzceer
Kasktas As
Simplified probabilistic slope stability design charts for cohesive and c-ϕ soils
Sina Javankhoshdel
Queen's University
Radar Interferometry (InSAR) applied to Slope and Critical Infrastructure Stability Monitoring
Pierre-Jean Alasset
The development of a large scale flume for landslide runout experiments
Sarah Bryant
GeoEngineering Centre at Queen's - RMC
An evaluation of strain softening of glacial tills as a result of pore pressure dynamics
Ruth Harley
Queen's University Belfast
Kaine Nicholas Woods Lynch
Queen's University, Belfast
Marine Geotechnics top
Axial interaction behaviour of offshore pipelines
Senthilkumar Muthukrishnan
Monash University
Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls top
Comparison of finite element and finite difference modelling results with measured performance of a reinforced soil wall
Ivan P.Damians
Technical University of Catalonia - BarcelonaTech
Geosynthetics reinforced MSE wall design and construction on the Southeast Stoney Trail PPP project, Calgary AB
Hardwin Zhen
Mechanically Stabilized Earth - Vegetated Steepened Slope System 96th Avenue Roadwork's, Surrey, British Columbia
Daniel Jude MacDonald
Nilex Civil Environmental Group
Case study – Grade seperation of a railway diamond crossing of the Saint-Laurent and Deux-Montagnes subdivisions
Veronique Lapalme
Mine Site Remediation top
Geotechnical Characteristics of the Mature Fine Tailings in the 30-Year 10-m Standpipe
Gordon Ward Wilson
University of Alberta
Geotechnical Benefits of Flocculation in Dewatering Oil Sands Mature Fine Tailings
Adedeji Dunmola
Shell Canada Energy
In situ evaluation of the elevated water table technique combined with a monolayer cover on reactive tailings: monitoring strategy
Marie-Pier Ethier
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Laboratory Investigation of the Large Strain Consolidation Behaviour of Oil Sands Fluid Fine Tailings Treated with DuPont Particlear
Trempess Moore
Recommandations pour améliorer le comportement hydro-géotechnique des haldes à stériles
Michel Aubertin
Polytechnique Montreal
Rheology of cemented paste backfill incorporating superplasticizers
Drissa Ouattara
Mining Geotechnics top
A Laboratory Investigation of the Dynamic Behavior of Tailings
Michael James
Ecole Polytechnique
Analysing the effects of waste rock inclusions on tailings consolidation : Laboratory tests and modeling of the large scale in situ behavior
Frederick L.Bolduc
Self-weight consolidation behavior of thickened gold mine tailings
Mathieu Nuth
Université de Sherbrooke
Experimental study of the small strain and large strain elastic parameters of thickened tailings
Jérôme Lapierre
Université de Sherbrooke
Effect of specimen preparation and mechanical overconsolidation on the laboratory monotonic shear response of thickened gold tailings
Ainur Seidalinova
Essais préliminaires de cisaillement direct d’interfaces remblai-roche et remblai-remblai
Nabasse Jean Frédéric Koupouli
Estimation of required minimum binder content by assessing the liquefaction potential of early age cemented mine backfill
Tikou Belem
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT)
Influence of dewatering and desiccation on microstructure and vane strength of polymer amended oil sand mature fine tailings
Tariq Bajwa
Carleton University
Geotechnical Design and Performance of a Section of the Pit Wall Slope at Suncor Millennium Mine
Ruifeng Shi
AMEC Environment and Infrastructure
In situ Properties of Cemented Paste Bacfkill from Three Mines
Murray Grabinsky
University of Toronto
Analysis of the desaturation of paste tailings: Experiments and preliminary simulations
Vincent Martin
Polytechnique Montréal
Laboratory measurement and prediction of the saturated hydraulic conductivity of mine waste rock
Anna Peregoedova
École Polytechnique de Montréal
Large-strain consolidation modeling of oil sand fine tailings
Shahid Azam
University of Regina
Numerical investigation of the stress state in adjacent backfilled mine stopes
nooshin Falaknaz
Ecole polytechnique Montreal
Numerical Modeling of the Post-liquefaction Consolidation of Tailings
Behnam Ferdosi
Ecole polytechnique de Montreal
Measurement and simulation of the large strain consolidation of AMD treatment sludge
Lincar Pedroni
Optimizing deposition of polymer-amended mature fine tailings
Paul Simms
Carleton University
Quantification de la fiabilité de la mesure de l’orientation des discontinuités sur des carottes orientées et son impact sur l’évaluation de la stabil
martin grenon
Université Laval
Segregation behaviour of uranium tailings
Shahid Azam
University of Regina
Shear behaviour of high density tailings sampled from a laboratory simulation of multi-layer deposition
Farzad Daliri
Carleton University
The effect of tailings properties on their consolidation near waste rock inclusions
EL Mustapha Jaouhar
Treatment of Fluid Fine Tailings by In-Situ Polymerization of Silica
Robert Harvey Moffett
E.I. DuPont
Unsaturated soil properties of centrifuged oil sand fine tailings
Shahid Azam
University of Regina
Non-textbook Soils / Waste Soils top
Performance and Time-Dependent Compression Behavior of Highway Fill Material Constructed Using Tire Derived Aggregate
Alireza Bayat
Other Geotechnical top
Reliability-Based and Limit State Design top
An assessment of reliability analysis tools for slope stability evaluations
Maj Gøril Bæverfjord
SINTEF Building and Infrastructure
Reliability measures for consolidation settlement by means of CPT data
Pouya Pishgah
Reliability of Axial Pile Capacity Calculation Methods
Suzanne Marie Lacasse
Resistance and Consequence Factor Calibration for Deep Foundations
Farzaneh Naghibi
Dalhousie University
Retaining Walls top
Behavior of an MSE wall supported by Controlled Modulus Columns
Samuel Briet
Case study of a deep excavation in Toronto
Laifa Cao
SPL Consultants Limited
Durability of geogrid reinforcement: exhumation of a geogrid after 25 years
Robin Jonathan Fannin
University of British Columbia
On the analysis of vertical shafts in soft ground: Evaluating Soil-Structure Interaction Using Two Different Numerical Modeling Techniques
Viet Duc Hoang Tran
McGill University
Revitalization of Aging Infrastructures top
The application of polyurethane grout in roadway settlements issues
Wang Rocky
Alberta Transportation
Performance of buried pipes under different soil and loading conditions
Ramy Saadeldin
University of Regina & AMEC Environment and Infrastructure
An overview of infrastructure planning of sustainable buried pipelines
Ramy Saadeldin
University of Regina & AMEC Environment and Infrastructure
Risk Assessment top
Assessing and benchmarking the construction cost of tunnels
Andreas Benardos
National Technical University of Athens
Evaluation des risques de liquéfaction sur le site de Damien (Haiti)
Berthoumieux Junior JEAN
Université d'Etat d'Hati - Laboratoire National du Batiment et des Travaux Publics
Geostatistical assessment of the hydraulic conductivity of an embankment dam
Jean-Marie Konrad
Université Laval
Using Hazus for geohazard risk assessment in Canada
Miroslav Nastev
Geological Survey of Canada
Seepage top
Study on the water-holding capability of expansive soil and slope seepage characteristics of the middle-route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project
Zhangjun DAI
Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Soil and Rock Mechanics top
A capillary-based model for predicting the shear strength of unsaturated soils
Marc Lebeau
Laval University
A geometric examination of the development of critical states in soil
Pete Quinn
BGC Engineering
A hypothetical geomechanics model for the assessment of potential environmental impact of shale gas fracking – Part I: from ground water perspective
Baolin Wang
Natural Resources Canada
Comparison between three different models for predicting the variation of the resilient modulus of subgrade soils with respect to soil suction
Zhong Han
An analytical-experimental investigation of gas hydrate-bearing sediment properties
Shmulik Pinkert
University of Calgary
An overview of existing methods for estimating state parameter from cone penetration test results
Sepideh Damavandinejad Monfared
Western University
Anisotropic behavior of marine clay subjected to monotonic loading
Balaji Paramasivam
Caractérisation d’un modèle de sol constitué de billes de verre polydisperses pour l’étude des écoulements en milieu poreux
Yannic A. Ethier
École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)
Comparisons Between behaviors of Undisturbed and Remolded Swelling Soil
Adel Hashem hammam
Building and Housing National Research Center
Site investigation using continuous shear wave velocity measurements during cone penetration testing at Gloucester, Ontario
Paul W Mayne
Georgia Institute of Technology
Creep and Stress Relaxation Behavior in Sand
Hamid Karimpour
Golder Associates Ltd.
Engineering Characteristics of Peat Deposits in Northern Manitoba
Earl Marvin De Guzman
University of Manitoba
Engineering Properties of Cohesive Soils in Northern Ontario
Antony M Tomory
Golder Associates Ltd.
Using grain size distribution and moisture profile under non-isothermal conditions to determine the SWCC of coarse grained size soils
Julio Ángel Infante Sedano
University of Ottawa
Evaluation of PipeCAR per Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code
Hany El Naggar
University of New Brunswick
Exact Solution to Predict Excess Pore Pressures and Settlement of Unsaturated Soil Deposit due to Uniform Loading
Behzad Fatahi
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Experimental investigation on shear strength of rock joints under cyclic and dynamic loading
Zabihallah Moradian
Université de Sherbrooke
Geotechnical Performance of CNRL’s West Tank Farm during Hydro-Test
Mauricio Pinheiro
Thurber Engineering Ltd.
Grain-size distribution effects on the mechanical behaviour of granular materials
Mahmoud Nasser Hussien
Sherbrooke University
Interpretation of Horizontal Coefficient of Consolidation from Piezocone Porewater Pressure Dissipation Tests
Mrinmoy Kanungo
Golder Associates Ltd.
A comprehensive investigation of crack damage anisotropy in Cobourg limestone and its effect on the failure envelope
Ehsan Ghazvinian
Queen's University
Laboratory investigation on shear strength of granular material considering the effect of particle size distribution
Mahmoud Nasser Hussien
Sherbrooke University
Field monitoring of buried polyethylene natural gas pipelines subjected to ground movement
Jeremy F Groves
University of British Columbia
John Sully
Comparison study for estimating 1-D heave of a slab-on-ground placed on Regina clay using three different methods
Hana Hussin Adem
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ottawa
Numerical Modelling of Pressuremeter Test
Massoud Palassi
University of Tehran
Physical basis of normalizable stress-strain curves for the undrained shear of clays
Paul G. Joseph
Engineering Solutions
Physical modeling of stone column installation in fine sand and its effect on lateral to vertical stress ratio
Mathieu Nuth
Université de Sherbrooke
The Effect of Rigid Body Impact Mechanics on Tangential Coefficient of Restitution
Thamer Yacoub
Shear Wave Velocity Values in Canadian Champlain Sea Clays as predicted by empirical correlations
Yannic A. Ethier
École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)
Wave Propagation and Interpretation of Bender Elements Pulse Tests
Deyab Gamal El-Dean
DCI Inc.
Soil Stabilization top
An extensive jet grouting test program for a low permeability barrier
Naresh Gurpersaud
Geo-Foundations Contractors
Hydraulic and Strength Performance of Three Cement-Stabilized Soils Subjected to Cycles of Freezing and Thawing
Reza Jolous Jamshidi
Artificial Ground Freezing for Temporary Earth Support In Shaft Construction
Adam Curry
Assessing Energy Efficiency in Soil Compaction
Federico Fernandez
Bio-mediated Soil Improvement Field Study to Stabilize Mine Sands
Brian Martinez
Geosyntec Concsultants
Castleford site: the first large scale soil mix technology project in West Yorkshire.
Mary Allagoa
Consultant Geotechnical Engineer
Comparaison des résultats de la modélisation et le suivi de la performance de puits de décharge
mohamed zahra
A Comparison of Bucket Mixing and Mechanical Mass Mixing at Sydney Tar Ponds
Joseph Mann
Hayward Baker Inc.
Effect of Fibre Reinforcement on Behaviour of Cement Stabilized Fine Grained Soils
Ashkan Abouzar
Terraprobe Inc.
Hydraulic modeling of soil reinforcement by biocalcification
Benoit Courcelles
Polytechnique Montréal
Mary Allagoa
Consultant Geotechnical Engineer
Performance of Highway Embankment on Peat Deposits Constructed under Winter Conditions
Earl Marvin De Guzman
University of Manitoba
Predicting behaviour of cemented clay considering strength reduction due to high confining pressure
Behzad Fatahi
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Sand stabilization with exo-polymeric substance producing bacteria isolated from a naturally cemented site
Debasis Roy
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Soil Cementation using Plant Extract
sung-sik park
Evaluation of strength development in a clay-cement mix
Ramy Saadeldin
University of Regina & AMEC Environment and Infrastructure
Tunnel Stability Analysis by Finite Element Method
Jun Xie
Comparing the use of GGBS and MgO in laboratory and field trial mixing of contaminated made ground soil
Mary Allagoa
Consultant Geotechnical Engineer
Transportation Geotechnique top
A risk evaluation approach for an active rock slide: the Gascons coastal rock slide, Québec
Jacques Locat
Université Laval
An annual cycle of loose rock flux on a large slope affecting a railway corridor, from serial LiDAR data in the White Canyon of the Thompson River, BC
Dave Gauthier
Queen's University
Lidar surveying for liner condition, rock stability and reconditioning assessment of Canada’s oldest railway tunnel in Brockville, Ontario
Mark Stephen Diederichs
Geol. Sci. and Geol. Eng.
Case Histories on the Use of the Slide Rail Trench Shoring System for Deep Subdrain Cut-Off Installations on CN Rail Corridors
Benjamin McGuigan
GEMTEC Limited
Geotechnical Seismic Retrofit of the Knight Street Bridge in Metro Vancouver
Thuraisamy Thavaraj
The development of dynamic PIV for the assessment and quantification of railway foundation conditions
Christopher Murray
Queen's University
Geosynthetics top
Case Histories or Failures top
Confinement in Solid Waste Landfills and Mining Operations top
A discussion on issues pertaining to the containment of nanomaterials in landfills
Patricia I Dolez
CTT Group
Arnaud Budka
Groupe Alphard
Durability and long-term strength of seams in HDPE geomembranes
Mohamad Shoaib
Evaluation of geosynthetics used in barrier systems to contain hydrocarbon-contaminated soils in Antarctica
Daniel D Jones
Case study of water evacuation from a waste cover via evapotranspiration and a drainage geocomposite
Melissa Chappel
CTT Group
New Leak Location Technology Introduced to Asia
Abigail Beck
Aging of HDPE geomembranes used as bottom liner and cover for storage of soil contaminated with PCBs
Ramy Awad
Queen's University Civil Engineering Dept.
Conveyance and Storage top
Dams and Levees top
Drainage and Soil Filtration top
Assessment of the Effect of Specimens Dimensions on the Measured Transmissivity of Planar Tubular Drainage Geocomposites
Eric Blond
Dewatering behavior of fly ash slurry with woven geotextiles
Shoba K Bhatia
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Percent light penetration of woven geotextiles and its relationship to soil slurry retention
Shoba K Bhatia
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering top
Diffusive transport of multiwall carbon nanotubes through an HDPE geomembrane
Pooneh Taghizadeh Saheli
Queen's University
Rohit Sati
Layfield Group- Engineered Membrane and Films
Passive Sediment Control BMPs - How do they rank over time?
Brian Whitaker
Typar Geosynthetics
Geosynthetics in Mining Processes top
Temporary Roads top
Design and Construction of Geogrid Reinforced Access Roads and Drill Platforms Over Peat Deposits in Northern Alberta
John Kerr
Tensar International Corporation Inc
Transportation top
Use of a Wicking Geosynthetic to Help Prevent Frost Boils on the Dalton Highway, Alaska
Rene Laprade
TenCate Geosynthetics
Wall Reinforcement top
Effects of Direct Shear Box Dimensions on Shear Strength Parameters of Geogrid-Reinforced Sand
Hamed Mirzaeifar
Islamic Azad University, Pardis Branch
Geosynthetic Reinforced Granular Soil Mattresses used as Foundation Support for Mechanically Stabilised Earth Walls
Michael Simons
Maccaferri Canada Ltd.
Richard J Bathurst
Pullout Performance of Polymeric Strip Reinforcements Used in Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
Robert Lozano
Pascal Saunier
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Soil-Geogrid Interaction under Pull-out Loading Condition
Mahmoud G. Hussein
McGill University
Water Conservation top
Hydrogeological top
Contaminated Sites and Remediation Technology top
Conceptual model of a NAPL contaminated site: case study
Kourosh Mohammadi
Coffey Geotechnics Inc.
Contrôle de la représentativité dans l’échantillonnage des sols contaminés I
Mirela Sona
Ecole de technologie supérieure
Numerical simulation of a coupled persulfate ISCO/IBR treatment train
Mahsa Shayan
University of Waterloo
Investigation of Co-boiling Behaviour During In Situ Thermal Treatment: Experiments and Modelling
chen zhao
Laboratory evaluation of foams for mobility control and enhanced LNAPL recovery in heterogeneous sediment
Mélanie Longpré
Laboratory investigation for on site chemical oxidation of surface soil contaminated with energetic materials in demolition ranges
Marie-Claude Lapointe
Quantitative visualization of gas dynamics during electrical resistance heating
Paul Rudolf Hegele
Queen's University
Restauration du site minier abandonné Aldermac : résultats préliminaires du suivi de la nappe surélevée
Abdelkabir maqsoud
université du québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Remediation of a DNAPL source zone using in situ Electrical Resistive Heating and Multi-phase Extraction
Sean Salvatori
Dillon Consulting Limited
The impact of censored data on determining the number of soil samples required in site characterization
Niloofar Shoari
École de technologie supérieure
Thermal Enhancement of In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) for Remediation of Groundwater Impacted by Chlorinated Solvents
Sean Alexander Bryck
Queen's University
Traitement de sols contaminés par stabilisation et solidification au ciment – Réaménagement du secteur Viau du Port de Montréal
Jean-Philippe Boudreault
Groupe Qualitas
Dual Carbon and Hydrogen Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis to Assess the Performance of Chemical Oxidation of Hydrocarbon Compounds using Persulfate
Felipe Marques Solano
University of Waterloo
General Hydrogeology top
Assessing scale effect on hydraulic conductivity during aquifer test in heterogeneous media
Kourosh Mohammadi
Coffey Geotechnics Inc.
Challenges Applying Calibration-Constrained Subspace Monte Carlo Methodology to Uncertainty Assessments
Louis-Charles Boutin
Matrix Solutions Inc.
The Engineer’s Continuum Mechanics versus Force Potential: an excursion into the physics of subsurface flow
K. Udo Weyer
WDA Consultants Inc
Detecting preferential seepage along casings installed in fractured rock aquifers
Sandra Kristel Richard
UQAC - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Effet de l'anisotropie et de l'hétérogénéité sur le calcul du temps de transfert
Djaouida Chenaf
Royal Military College of Canada
Essai de perméabilité à niveau variable entre les étapes de consolidation œdométrique: résultats expérimentaux et modélisation numérique
Marion Perez
Estimating Recharge from Observation Well Hydrographs Combined with Meteorological Data
Jean-Sébastien Gosselin
Is groundwater "recharge" a useful concept?
Garth van der Kamp
Environment Canada
Modeling of Groundwater Rebound in an Abandoned Mine in China
Jianjun Zhou
Numerical simulation of groundwater flow, heat and mass transport with freeze-thaw cycles in cold region infrastructures
masoumeh shojae ghias
Université Laval
Physical measurements of groundwater contributions to a large lake.
Nicole Pyett
UBC Okanagan
Simulation of horizontal well depressurization – MODFLOW versus FEFLOW
Karl P Lawrence
Golder Associates
Thoughts on Groundwater Level Variations in Southern Ontario
Steve Holysh
Using vertical head profiles to constrain the geostatistical representation of heterogeneity in a shallow granular aquifer
Patick Brunet
Groundwater and Geotechnics top
Groundwater Issues Associated with Mineral and Gas Mining top
4He and 222Rn in Shallow Aquifers as Potential Indicators of Fluid Migration in Shale Gas Exploration Areas within the St. Lawrence Lowlands (Québec,
Daniele Luigi Pinti
GEOTOP-Université du Québec à Montréal
A need for Total Dissolved Gas Pressure field measurements for investigating potential effects of unconventional gas development on groundwater
James W Roy
Caractérisation des conditions hydrogéologiques au-dessus du réservoir pétrolier de Haldimand, Gaspé, Québec
Mélanie Raynauld
Geologic and hydrogeologic understanding of caprock strata overlying the Utica Shale in the St. Lawrence Lowlands (Quebec, Canada)
René Lefebvre
INRS, Centre Eau Terre Environnement
Heavy metal attenuation and mobility in the Wood Creek Sand Channel aquifer: correlation of experimental and field study
Macoura Kone
Suncor Energy Inc.
Hydrogeological assessment for a large aggregate extraction facility on the BC coast
Willy Zawadzki
Golder Associates Ltd.
Hydrogeological Assessment of Western Anticosti Island Related to Shale Oil Exploration
Morgan Peel
Methane, propane and ethane concentrations and δ13C signatures in shallow aquifers of the St. Lawrence River Valley (Quebec, Canada)
Anja Miriam Moritz
Concordia University
Modeling the impacts of shale gas extraction on groundwater and surface water resources
Romain Chesnaux
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Nowamooz et al., Numerical investigation of methane and formation fluid leakage along shale gas extraction wells
Université Laval
Remediation of Natural Gas Contamination of Potable Groundwater
Richard Jackson
Geofirma Engineering
Seepage pathway assessment for natural gas to shallow groundwater during well stimulation, production and after abandonment
Richard Jackson
Geofirma Engineering
Séquestration géologique du CO2 dans les Basses-Terres du Saint-Laurent, Qc: Impacts hydrogéologiques potentiels à l’échelle du bassin sédimentaire
Olivier Girou
Université Laval
Spatial Distribution of Natural Gas Concentrations and Isotopic Signatures in Shallow Aquifers of the St. Lawrence Lowlands (Québec, Canada)
Diogo Barnetche
Groundwater Management top
A Status Report on Aquifer Monitoring Activities In The Valley East Municipal Well Field
Peter Alan Richards
Waters Environmental Geosciences Ltd.
Risk Management Measures Catalogue for Drinking Water Source Protection
Don Charles Ford
Toronto and Region Conservation
An Application of Groundwater Source Protection Concepts to Well Cluster Communities
Peter Alan Richards
Waters Environmental Geosciences Ltd.
ATES: une application pour l'intégration de l'eau souterraine en aménagement du territoire
Roxane Lavoie
Université Laval
Don't Shoot the Messenger! Communicating the Science and Implementation of Source Protection
Angelika Karolina Masotti
The Regional Municipality of York
Impact of high abstraction of Groundwater in Southern Oases of Libya (Case Study Morzuk basin in Libya)
Almabruk Abdulgader Sanoussi
Sustainable groundwater resources indicators applied to the Montérégie Est regional aquifer system, Quebec, Canada
René Lefebvre
INRS, Centre Eau Terre Environnement
Nouvelles exigences pour la gestion des eaux souterraines au Maroc
Physically-based assessment of intrinsic groundwater resource vulnerability in an urban catchment
Tobias Graf
Preliminary Assessment Approach for Groundwater Sustainabililty - Case Study: The Abbotsford-Sumas Aquifer
Jo-Ann Aldridge
Environment Canada
The Challenges and Benefits of Maintaining a High Quality Municipal Groundwater Monitoring Network
Mike Fairbanks
Regional Municipality of York
Groundwater Quality top
Geologic Controls on Geochemistry and Disposal of Excess Soil from Construction
Storer Boone
Golder Associates Ltd.
Hydrogeochemical Characterization of Groundwater in the Outaouais Region (Québec, Canada) – A Regional Scale Study
Nelly Montcoudiol
Université Laval
Rodrigo Lilla Manzione
Nitrate sources and factors controlling its distribution in agricultural lands and groundwater in two small catchments in southern Quebec, Canada
Christine Rivard
Removal of arsenate from contaminated water by Granular Activated Carbon embedded with nano scale zero-valent iron
Md. Rashadul Islam Chowdhury
Concordia University
Trace element mobility and the role of subsurface heating
Jon Fennell
Integrated Sustainability Consultants Ltd.
Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions and Ecohydrology top
A new methodology for identifying Ecologically Significant Groundwater Recharge Areas
Mason Albert Marchildon
EarthFX Inc.
Application du modèle inverse aux interactions eau-roche dans les eaux souterraines des métagranodiorites, Sud-Est Côte d’Ivoire
Université FHB de Cocody
Applications of Integrated Surface Water/Groundwater Modelling - Techniques and Perspectives
Peter John Thompson
EarthFX Inc.
Assessment of Low Impact Design (LID) Strategies using Integrated and Distributed Surface Water/Groundwater Models
Dirk Kassenaar
Earthfx Inc.
Geochemical tracers of recharge-discharge functions in southern Quebec aquifer-peatland systems
Miryane Ferlatte
Groundwater modeling including climate change scenarios for an ecohydrological study in Covey Hill, Québec
Jana Levison
School of Engineering, University of Guelph
Groundwater-river connectivity in the presence of wetlands in the river corridor of the De la Roche River (Montérégie, Québec)
Marie larocque
Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in the Western Boreal Plain of Alberta
craig thompson
University of Alberta
Mapping Permafrost Under the Linear Disturbance with Ground-Penetrating Radar
Michael Braverman
Modeling of a tile drainage network in glacial clayey tills
Guillaume De Schepper
Université Laval
Rodrigo Lilla Manzione
Regional transient groundwater flow modelling of aquifer-peatland interactions during the last century
Marc-Andre Bourgault
Simulating groundwater-peatland interactions in southern Quebec
Marie larocque
Simulating Rapid and Localized Recharge to a Fractured Bedrock Aquifer
Owen Miles
Spatially-detailed assessment of phosphorus discharge with groundwater to an urban stream
James W Roy
The Interaction between Groundwater and Surface water
Haile-Meskale Mezmure
Using EC for baseflow separation in a discontinuous permafrost watershed: Crooked Creek, Alaska
Nicholas C Utting
BGC Engineering Inc
Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater Resources top
A Physically-Based Modelling Approach to Assess the Impact of Climate Change on Canadian Surface and Groundwater Resources
Edward Sudicky
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Assessment of Climate Change Impact: Use of a Groundwater and Surface Water Model in a Highly-Urbanized Catchment
cochand fabien
Université Laval
Climate change impacts on groundwater recharge in the Chiba catchment, Cap-Bon peninsula (Tunisia)
Asma Chemingui
Time scales of fluids circulation in continental aquifers at a regional scale (Armorican massif, Western France)
Antoine Armandine Les Landes
Geosciences Rennes - University of Rennes 1
Étude des impacts des changements climatiques sur les eaux souterraines dans un bassin versant pergélisolé près d’Umiujaq au Québec nordique
Richard Fortier
Université Laval
Measuring pore pressure change in the Lachenaie clay deposit, Quebec
vahid marefat
Numerical simulation of the impact of expected climate change on the groundwater resources of the Magdalen Islands, Québec
Jean-Michel Lemieux
Université Laval
Salt Dynamics in prairie wetlands under changing climate
Uri Nachshon
Saskatchewan University
Isotopic Tracing and Age-dating in Groundwater top
3H-3He Groundwater Dating and Geochemical Tracers to Identify TCE Origins and Migration Paths in a Valley-fill Aquifer
Samantha E Murphy
Matrix Solutions Inc.
Evaluating the use of stable isotopes of water to characterize oil sands mine waste
Thomas John Baer
University of Saskatchewan
Combining 3H, 14C, and lumped parameter models to characterize modern groundwater residence time in a highly anthropized watershed.
Paul Baudron
Institut pour la Recherche et le Développement. UMR G-EAU
Comparison of 222Rn - δ13C investigations to calibrate groundwater discharge in rivers
Karine Lefebvre
Dating groundwater resources in central Quebec using noble gases, 14C and water chemistry
Genevieve Vautour
Dating shallow groundwater using the 3H/3He method at the Bécancour River basin (Québec, Canada)
Marion Saby
Determination of groundwater impact on runoff by a hydro(geo)logical and isotopic approach in the glaciated Austrelovénbreen watershed (Spitsbergen)
Mélanie Quenet
Estimating the groundwater residence time and recharge temperatures in eskers of the Amos region, northern Quebec by noble gas isotopes
Christine Boucher
Université du Québec à Montréal
Groundwater dating in the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) using radioactive noblegas isotopes (Kr-85, Ar-39, Kr-81)
Roland Purtschert
University of Bern
Kinetic isotope fractionation in rich CO2 spring travertine – An experimental study –
Léonora Fleurent
Pore water geochemistry for the Lachenaie clay deposit, Québec
François Duhaime
École Polytechnique de Montréal
Regional Aquifer Characterization top
3D groudwater modeling of the Bécancour Area
Sylvain Gagné
Université du Québec à Montréal
A numerical analysis to illustrate the usefulness of drawdown log-derivative diagnostic plots in characterizing the heterogeneity of non-Theis aquifer
Silvain Rafini
A Numerical Study of Regional Hydrostatic and Sub-Hydrostatic Groundwater regimes in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
Amandeep Singh
Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)
Assessing Groundwater Supply Sustainability in the Multi-Layer Aquifer System of the Waterloo Moraine
Stephen Di Biase
Golder Associates Ltd.
Behavior of uranium isotopes (234U, 238U) and 226Ra in shallow aquifers of Québec, Canada
Pauline Méjean
Surface-subsurface flow model of the Raquette River watershed and the impact of agricultural drainage on infiltration of pesticides in aquifers
Félix Turgeon
Caractérisation géométrique et hydrodynamique de l’aquifère karstique liasique de la plaine du Saïs (Maroc)
Modèles conceptuels géologiques et hydrogéologiques de la Montérégie Est, sud-ouest du Québec
Christine Rivard
Development of a tool for the estimation of spatially distributed recharge – Application to the Bécancour watershed (Centre-du-Québec)
Guillaume Meyzonnat
Dolostone Bedrock Aquifer Capacity Assessment for a Municipal Water Supply in Southwestern Ontario
Greg Padusenko
Golder Associates Ltd.
Hydrogéologie du roc fracturé en Outaouais, Québec, Canada
Arnaud Sterckx
Université Laval
Flow system dynamics, south-central Ontario
Richard E Gerber
Oak Ridges Moraine Hydrogeology Program
Fracture systems controls on fluid flow in the regional sedimentary rock aquifer system of Montérégie Est, southern Québec, Canada
Pierre Ladevèze
Groundwater flow directions within the Midale Formation at the Weyburn carbon sequestration site, Saskatchewan, Canada
K. Udo Weyer
WDA Consultants Inc
Hydrogeological Characterisation of The Cold Lake Beaver River Basin, Alberta
Nevenka Nakevska
Alberta geological survey
Hydrogéologie régionale du sud-ouest de la Mauricie
Yves Leblanc
Hydrostratigraphy and groundwater flow modeling in the Nicolet River and lower Saint-Francois River watersheds (southern Quebec)
Olivier Ferland
Modèle géologique 3D et écoulement d’eau souterraine dans des dépôts meubles hétérogènes.
Guillaume Lefrancois
Modeling the evolution of a regional fractured-rock aquifer system in southern Quebec following the last deglaciation
Marc Laurencelle
INRS Eau Terre Environnement
Portrait régional de l’hydrogéologie de l’Abitibi, Québec, Canada
Daniel Blanchette
Regional assessment of composite groundwater parameters, illustrated by the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, including methods and limitations
Julien Walter
The Hatfield Buried Valley: A review of the aquifer characteristics
Hazen A. J. Russell
Geological Survey of Canada
Physics of regional groundwater flow in Alberta
K. Udo Weyer
WDA Consultants Inc